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Contact Us went online in October 2006 and is the brainchild of a Colorado native and Thornton resident. We provide far more weather information than any other weather outlet in Denver far outstripping even the local television stations. This is done free of charge as a way to provide a public service to our community and to feed our passion and interest in our ever-changing weather.

Why should you donate? Our site is not funded by or affiliated with the City of Thornton and it is not meant to be a money-making venture.  Simply running is however an expensive endeavor.  Thousands of dollars are invested in the hardware, there are monthly service fees for our web hosting provider, and maintaining the hardware and the website is very time consuming.  We ask for donations only to support the ongoing maintenance and operation of the site and upgrades as funding permits - we do not profit at all.

In the past donations have allowed us to replace a balky temperature sensor that was affecting our live and archived data and they helped fund newer, HD webcams. They also help pay for the website hosting services. Our primary sensor suite is almost as old as this website and as such, is going to need to be replaced relatively soon - an expensive prospect for sure. 

How do can you donate? The button below will take you to a PayPal page that will allow you to make a contribution to the maintenance and operation of  You don't have to join PayPal to use it and you can donate using a credit card on their secure site.

How much should you donate? That is entirely up to you but any amount, big or small, is greatly appreciated.  Even small donations added up can make a big difference!

What do you get from donating? Our eternal gratitude and the knowledge that you are supporting a service that provides critical weather information to Thornton residents and website visitors from across the globe!

Thank you very much for your consideration! 

      The Team

Thornton, Colorado