Denver, Colorado Climatology and Weather

Thornton Climatology   
Thornton Daily Records   

Normals & Extremes - Normals and extremes for the Denver metro area

Seasonal Data - Cold and snow statistics, precipitation and extremes, Christmas & Halloween

Narratives - General discussions about the Denver and Colorado climate

Global Records - World weather records and extremes.

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Denver's Monthly Normals, Means, and Extremes And Monthly Top Ten Statistics

Provides historical normals and averages for the selected month as well as "top 10" information.

Normals, Means & Extremes
"Top 10" Precipitation & Temp


Denver's Climatological Normals (1991-2020)
Denver Annual Statistical Extremes

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Seasonal Data

Denver Cold Weather/Snow Statistics
Denver's Snowfall History
Denver's Largest Daily and Largest First Snowfalls
Denver's Christmas Snowfall History
Denver's Halloween Weather History
100 Degrees and Higher and at or Below -20 Degrees
Consecutive 90 Degree Streaks

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Data provided by the National Weather Service - Boulder, CO

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Denver Climate Information

Colorado Climate Information

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