Time lapse video: Thornton’s first snowstorm of 2017

Mother Nature seems intent on starting out 2017 the way she ended 2016 – cold.  A deep trough coupled with successive, reinforcing cold fronts sent Thornton’s mercury plunging and delivered a healthy shot of snow over the last couple of days.

Below is a time lapse video from our east webcam covering the majority of the event. It begins at 6:00am on Wednesday, January 4 when we were only seeing flurries.  From there you see the varying intensities of snow over the next 24 hours or so and end with some hints of blue sky but the afternoon of the 5th. In all, the video covers 36 hours in about 83 second.

Thornton ended with 7.1 inches of snow over the two-day period, our biggest snowfall of the season thus far.

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