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Wednesday in Thornton starts with a chill, will warm up nicely

In the wake of yesterday’s cold front, we do begin the day with some cold temperatures. A nice recovery will be in store, however, but also with some breezy winds.

Sunny skies start us off and will be with us throughout the day. We will be dry but some breezy winds from the south will be seen. High temperatures will top out right near the 50 degree mark.

Tonight, lows will dip to the mid to upper 20s under mostly clear skies.

Tuesday in Thornton chills out, offers up some light snow

The cold front is working its way south, a bit delayed, but still on its way. With its arrival around 7:00am, a much cooler day than recent ones is on tap.

Mostly cloudy to cloudy skies will be above for most of the day. We have actually already seen our high for the day with temperatures cooling a few degrees as the front arrives. Daytime highs will be in the mid-30s.

We begin to see chances for precipitation around 8:00am and then continuing into the late afternoon / evening. There isn’t much to work with here so don’t expect much – maybe a half inch, an inch if we are lucky.

Tonight, skies will clear after dark and we will dry out. Overnight lows will drop to the teens.

Thornton’s workweek starts with mild temperatures but a lot of wind

If you just looked at that forecasted high temperature you might be excited. However, looking at the wind, well, then you become a lot less enthusiastic about the weather today.

Downslope flow has kept temperatures quite warm overnight so we have a good head start on our high in the mid to upper 60s. That wind will be persistent and strong throughout the day, more so in the afternoon when gusts could hit 45mph.

Tonight, winds will ease a bit but continue to be quite breezy throughout. Lows will dip to around freezing. Pre-dawn will see the arrival of cold front that will start tomorrow with some rain and light snow.

Keep an eye on those temps and wind speed with our live gauges here.

Thornton’s weekend to feature pleasant temps, relatively calm conditions

We see a return of mild temperatures and dry conditions just in time for the weekend. All three days will feature above normal temperatures with some breezy winds being the only other notable feature.

Friday offers up sunny skies throughout with highs reaching the mid-50s. Winds will be slightly breezy from mid-morning on. Tonight, winds settle down and skies will be mostly clear. Lows will be in the mid-20s.

Saturday looks much like Friday but with even warmer temperatures. Highs will reach the low to mid-60s under sunny skies. Again, winds will be a bit breezy, mainly in the afternoon and evening. Saturday night lows will drop to around freezing under mostly clear skies.

Sunday will be the warmest day but also offer up the most wind. Highs will reach the mid-60s with sunny skies above. Those winds will be stronger than the other days and present throughout most of the day.

Thursday brings cooler weather to Thornton, just a chance for precipitation

A bit of an interruption in the mild weather of recent days. A weak system will impact us today bringing temps down to normal and giving us just a bit of a chance for rain / snow.

We start off mostly cloudy and will see some easing in the coverage leading to partly clear skies by the end of the day. High temperatures will top out right near the average high for the date of 47 degrees.

There will be a chance for precipitation throughout the day with a few flakes possibly mixed in this morning. We are less than enthusiastic about the amount of moisture available so we aren’t expecting much out of this at all, if anything.

Tonight, skies will be clearing any chance at precipitation should end by 7:00pm. Overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 20s.

Wednesday continues the warm temperatures but tonight brings chance for rain and snow

Another mild day today with mercury readings well above normal. However, by the end of it, breezy winds will indicate a change to come with a chance for precipitation tonight and tomorrow.

We start off with sunny skies then see a gradual increase in cloud cover with partly sunny skies by the end. High temperatures will climb to the mid-60s, nearly 20 degrees above average. This afternoon we will see breezy winds as the cold front starts to make itself felt. By about 3:00pm temperatures will start dropping.

This evening, we have a chance to begin to see some light rain showers then after midnight, some snow might get into the mix. At this time, we are not expecting any overnight accumulations or, if we do, they will be minimal. Lows tonight will drop to around 30 degrees.

Thornton’s Tuesday offers up very mild temps, some cloud cover

A little bit of a sampling of the milder temperatures to come in the months ahead. Today we will likely see our warmest mercury readings in two months although there will be some clouds.

We start off with mostly sunny skies but by mid-morning cloud cover will increase leading to partly sunny skies for the balance of the day. The cloud cover won’t have much impact on temperatures though and we should see highs in the mid-60s. Winds will be a little bit breezy.

Tonight, skies will be partly clear, becoming mostly clear early tomorrow morning. Overnight lows will dip to around freezing.

Presidents’ Day in Thornton to offer lots of sun, mild temperatures

A fine way to start the workweek. We will enjoy a Monday with temps well above normal and plenty of that Colorado blue above.

Breezy downslope winds brought a pre-dawn temperature bump this morning. Those winds should ease by mid-morning.

We will see sunny skies throughout the day today with dry conditions. Temperatures will be topping out in the mid to upper 60s, well above average.

Tonight, lows will dip to 30 degrees under mostly clear skies.

Once again, Thornton’s weekend starts unsettled but ends pretty nice

The third weekend in a row with chilly conditions and snow starting things off. However, like the last two, we will end up in pretty good shape by the end.

For today, we woke up to a bit of a surprise snow, indications that this system is going to give us a little bit more of a hit than originally thought. We start out with some fog and freezing drizzle, then the rest of the morning will be dry. The afternoon brings some flakes of snow. High temperatures will top out in the mid to upper 30s.

Late afternoon today snow chances increase and will continue until the pre-dawn hours tomorrow. We may see a couple inches of the white stuff by the time we wake up tomorrow. Overnight lows will dip to around 20 degrees.

On Saturday, after some early fog, the skies will clear and sunny skies will take over. Conditions will be calm and dry as we head for a high of around 40 degrees. Saturday night, lows will dip to around 20 degrees again.

Sunday will be the warmest day of the three-day period but with some cloud cover. Look for highs in the low 50s under partly sunny skies.