Time lapse video of Thornton’s Mother’s Day weekend snow

The past week or so has brought quite a variety of weather, most notably seven straight days of precipitation.  On Saturday we saw a continuation of the rain which changed to snow overnight, an event captured by one of our webcams.

Over the seven days, Thornton recorded a whopping 4.34 inches of liquid precipitation.  Most of that fell as rain but 5.1 inches of snow provided some of that as well.

The video below shows the period from 3:00pm on Saturday, May 9 through 5:00pm on Sunday, May 10 compressed to about 53 seconds.  It starts with rain which soon transitions to snow as the evening arrives.  The snow continues into the following morning and then skies begin to clear and the snow quickly melts.

One thought on “Time lapse video of Thornton’s Mother’s Day weekend snow”

  1. Interesting to see all the trees sag down with the wet snow, and then pop back up again when it starts to quickly melt. . .

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