So much for forecasts! The streak continues!

Here in Thornton our high thus far today has reached 88.3.  However, out at DIA where the official Denver measurements are taken, the temperature reached 91 degrees.  This of course extends the streak to 41 days.  From the National Weather Service:

The Denver heat wave continues.  At 243 pm the temperature at Denver International Airport reached 91 degrees.  This temperature extends our current streak of consecutive 90 degree days to 24 days in a row.   It is amazing that 24 consecutive 90 or above high temperatures were recorded breaking the 18 day streak last set 107 years ago in 1901.

So far in 2008 41 ninety degree days have been tallied.     2008 remains 9 days away from the 10th top seasonal total of 50 set in both 1960 and 1964.  

Click here to view the updated statistics about the streak and historical streaks.

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