The records keep coming & a new website feature

Denver’s record of consecutive days with 90+ degrees continues as Saturday reached 103 degrees officially at DIA.  Here in Thornton we topped out at 98.6.  The temperature was quickly climbing and we were sure we were going to break 100 but early afternoon brought cloud cover to the Thronton area thus keeping us from reaching triple digits.

From the National Weather Service, four records were broken in the first two days of the month:

  • August 1st:   New record high:  104 degrees   Old record:  100 degrees last set in 1938
  • August 2nd:  New record high:  103 degrees   Old record:  100 degrees last set 130 years ago in 1878
  • August 2nd:  New record high minimum:  70 degrees   Old record  68 degrees  last set in 1938
  • August 2nd:  the consecutive 90 streak record continues with 21 consecutive days tallied.

Quite the start to the month! 

New website feature added today!  You can now view official National Weather Service “Local Storm Reports” directly on our website.  These reports are submitted by NWS personnel, trained spotters, law enforcement as well as other emergency responders.  They are a great way to see what is happening.  This new feature not only displays these reports for the metro area but also for all NWS offices across the country!  Special thanks to Curly at Michiana Weather for sharing the code that allows this to happen.

You can view the storm reports at any time by a new menu item added under the “Live Condtions” menu and the “Forecast” menu on the left.

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