City of Thornton offers residents winter weather preparedness tips

The City of Thornton wants residents to be prepared for the coming cold weather.
The City of Thornton wants residents to be prepared for the coming cold weather.

As we have been covering all week, by the governor’s declaration this is Winter Weather Preparedness Week in Colorado.  The City of Thornton has gotten on board with information to help the city’s residents prepare themselves for the coming season.

Thornton has become much more ‘weather aware’ in recent years and we applaud them for that.  Weather has a direct impact on everyone’s lives, too often with deadly effects, and it is important that people are aware of the dangers it presents.

The new page on the city’s website provides some great resources for residents.  On the page you will find information from the National Weather Service, a great document prepared by the Thornton Fire Department about winter safety and information about the city’s snow removal plan.

We do have to make note of a couple of things on the page.

First, there is no link to  We are not affiliated with the city in any way however we are the only source of truly local weather news and information.  The city must be careful of who they put out there as a recommended resource but is well-established having been around for more than five years and being well known and highly regarded in the community.  We pride ourselves on the wealth of information we provide, an amount that far surpasses any other.

Second, it is somewhat ironic that one of the links provided on the city’s page is for Emergency Alert Information from the Colorado Division of Emergency Management.  This is a great resource page but as we have pointed out repeatedly, neither the city nor Adams County has any sort of emergency alert system.  This is a serious deficiency that the city has chosen not to address at this time.

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