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Video: Los Angeles news anchors scramble under desk during earthquake

Location map of the epicenter of the magnitude 4.4 St. Patrick's Day earthquake in Los Angeles.A magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck the Los Angeles area Monday morning in the pre-dawn hours. While a relatively minor quake, it was strong enough to rattling residents and send morning TV news anchors under their desks.

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS) the quake was centered 6 miles west of Beverly Hills and at a depth of 5.3 miles. Occurring at 6:25 a.m. local time, a light aftershock of magnitude 2.7 was recorded at 7:23 a.m.

Residents stretching from Mission Viejo to the south and Oxnard to the north reported feeling the initial temblor. Beyond waking residents that were still sleeping and grabbing the attention of those already awake, initial reports indicate no significant damage.

Television stations were in the middle of their morning broadcasts when the quake hit.

KTLA news anchors Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson reacted quickly announcing that they were feeling the quake. The two acted appropriately and dived under their anchor desks for the short duration of the quake.

Video from the station shows the overhead lights shaking and Henderson noting that dust or ceiling material was falling down.

Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Los Angeles TV stations’ attempts to hype LA cold

Much of the nation’s mid-section was plunged into a deep freeze this past week with temperatures registering below zero in many locations. On the west coast where the weather is rarely dramatic, Los Angeles TV stations played up their version of ‘cold’ and late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel made fun of them.

“Southern California is getting a bitter blast of cold weather this morning,” one news anchor proclaimed.

More hardy residents in other parts of the nation undoubtedly laughed at the attire of In-the-field reporters. While trying to hype the cold, reporters wore heavy coats, scarves and gloves to battle those cold 50 degree temperatures.

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Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel found attempts to hype "cold" temperatures in Los Angeles comical.

Magnitude 4.4 earthquake rattles Los Angeles

Los Angeles was rattled by a magnitude 4.4 earthquake Tuesday morning.The early morning quiet on Tuesday in Southern California was broken by a magnitude 4.4 earthquake near Los Angeles. The temblor, centered near Pico Rivera, caused no major damage but rattled area residents and put first responders on alert.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake occurred at 4:04am and originated 11.7 miles below the surface of the earth. The epicenter was less than a half mile from Pico Rivera or 10 miles east-southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

While the quake was relatively small, it was felt across a large swath of Southern California. Reports indicate it was felt as far north as Rosamond, as far east as Lucerne Valley and as far as Poway near San Diego to the south.

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