Statistics and Conditions Currently Down – Fixed

NewsUpdated, 12/22/07, 2:15pm – Back up and running!  We have obtained another console, have it all configured, and the site is running as it should.  Thank you to all for your patience. 

Updated, 12/22/07, 3:45am – We have at least managed to get some data up and running thanks to our sister site, We are currently tapped into their live data so current statistics and the like are now working. The Trends & Statistics and the Climatology reports won’t be updated but everything else should work fine.  Please bear with us while we work through this problem.

12/22/07, 3:00am – Well… What can we say, this definitely fits in the category, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Davis Instruments, the manufacturer of our weather station released an updated firmware for our console (the main unit that receives the data from all of the sensors). The update appeared to go just fine but after it was complete, the console was locked up. Resetting it only has yielded a beep and a blank screen.

Unfortunately, it would appear we are down indefinitely. With the holidays here, it may take us a while to get a replacement unit. Forecasts and radar will continue to work as normal.

We may start pulling data from the DIA weather station if we have to. We apologize for the inconvenience but will do our best to get back online ASAP.

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