Lightning Detector Up and Running

LightningWe are pleased to announce that’s lightning detector is now up and running!  This new system will allow us (and you) to monitor in real-time approaching storms and to more accurately gauge how severe a storm is and where it is headed.  Of course in the middle of winter there isn’t a lot to see on it but come spring, it will prove to be invaluable.  For more information on the system and how it works, please click here

Lightning over the Colorado MountainsColorado is ranked # 2 in lightning related deaths (1997 – 2006) so the danger this presents to life and property is very significant for us.  It is interesting to note though that Colorado ranks only 31st in the number of cloud to ground strikes over that same period.  This highlights the fact that, quite frankly, folks here in Colorado are ignorant about the dangers lightning presents and they simply do not take proper steps to protect themselves. For this reason, we have created a Lightning Education Center with more information about how you can protect yourself.  Click here to visit it.

Some interesting facts about lightning:

  • – If you can see it or hear it, lightning can hit you. Find shelter now.
  • – Lightning is the number two weather killer in the United States (behind floods).
  • – Lightning kills about 60 people in the U.S. each year and inflicts severe life-long debilitating injuries on at least a 1,000 people a year.
  • – Every 5 seconds between flash and boom is a mile’s distance from you.
  • – Under ideal conditions, lightning’s thunder can be heard 12 miles away.
  • – Lightning is really no wider than a few inches.
  • – “Bolts from the Blue” – These lightning flashes have been documented to travel more than 25 miles away from the thunderstorm cloud.  Clear skies above you are no indication of how dangerous a nearby storm is!

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