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Slammed again – Northeastern U.S. gets another snowstorm while Thornton waits

Thursday, January 27th, 2011 11:00am MDT
Snowfall totals from the latest snowstorm to strike the northeastern United States. (Examiner.com)

Snowfall totals from the latest snowstorm to strike the northeastern United States. Click the image for a larger view. (Examiner.com)

Yet another major snowstorm pummeled the northeastern United States yesterday and last night, their third in less than a month.  Snow totals in many areas from this single storm have far exceeded what Denver has received for its entire snow season thus far.

Snow began falling on Wednesday snarling evening commutes from Virginia to New York and picked up in intensity overnight. 

Snowfall totals this morning include 18.9 inches at Newark Airport, 19.0 inches at Central Park and 15.1 inches in Philadelphia (click here to view the latest totals from across the region).  These all dwarf Denver’s official seasonal total thus far of 12.1 inches!

Even President Barack Obama was not immune to the storm as Marine One, the presidential helicopter, was grounded due to the weather Wednesday.  Returning from a trip to Wisconsin, the president took a motorcade back to the White House instead and spent an hour stuck in traffic. 

As many as 400,000 residents across the northeast are without electricity as the unusually wet snow wreaked havoc with the utilities.  Public schools are closed Thursday and many government offices followed suit with the only exception being emergency personnel.

Slideshow: Northeastern U.S. battered by another snowstorm New York area airports shuttered Wednesday causing flight delays and cancellations across the nation.   The FAA reports that most should open late this morning or this afternoon.

Virtually every major city has reported seasonal snowfall totals so far this year far in excess of normal.  New York City, Boston, Worcester and Providence all have accumulated more than a foot of snow above average. 

Click the image to the left to view a slideshow of images of the snow around New York City (Examiner.com).

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