sneak peek – Storm Chasers episode 3 preview

The three stars from Storm Chasers: Sean Casey - TIV Chief and Champion Storm Chaser, Dr. Josh Wurman - Research Meteorologist, and Reed Timmer - TVN Lead Storm Chaser, Meteorologist

A little birdie with the Discovery Channel popped in with a surprise for me and for readers – a sneak peek at this coming Sunday’s episode of Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers

For those that haven’t seen the show, it is must see TV, even if you aren’t much into weather.  The show chronicles a team of storm chasers as they crisscross the Great Plains hunting tornadoes.  They have an array of high tech gagetry at hand to help them in their chase to further our understanding of the storms including the TIV – Tornado Intercept Vehicle.  The TIV’s primary function?  To drive into a tornado! 

The third episode’s summary says:

Storm Chasers
Mutiny on the Plains

Sunday, Nov 02 at 10:00 pm E/P on Discovery Channel
Tensions mount between Sean and Josh, as Reed offers to chase with the TIV. Reed chases a risky nighttime tornado into the hills of Arkansas, while Sean and Josh return to Greensburg, Kansas one year after a twister nearly wiped the town off the map.

Without further ado,’s sneak peak of the episode.  In this scene small pieces of debris fall from the sky after meteorologists Danny and Aaron track down a funnel cloud in Rock Valley, Iowa.

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