featured on the City of Thornton’s cable channel has been featured on the City of Thornton’s cable access channel show Thornton 360.  The interview which was conducted in June 2009 features the site’s chief amateur meteorologist Tony Hake discussing the features of, his interest in the weather and more.

Be sure to check out the video below and let us know what you think.  You can also watch it on channel 8 throughout the month of September if you have Comcast cable TV. would like to thank the City of Thornton’s Communications Department for their work.  Oftentimes we forget how many people it takes to make a city of over 100,000 residents run as well as Thornton does and the city’s employees continually perform above and beyond! 

On to the show:

2 thoughts on “ featured on the City of Thornton’s cable channel”

  1. I saw this showing on channel 8 and it led me here. This is awesome. Your coverage of the snowstorm in recent days was better than the big guys!

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