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ThorntonWeather.com announces Severe Weather Awareness Week contest

Sunday, April 15th, 2012 12:19pm MDT
NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio

ThorntonWeather.com believes so firmly that every house should have a weather radio, we are giving one away for Severe Weather Awareness Week.

As the nation’s midsection digs out from an extraordinary day of severe weather and tornadoes, Colorado’s Severe Weather Awareness Week kicks off.  To raise awareness of the dangerous weather Thornton residents face each year, ThorntonWeather.com is going to give away a NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio *.

We have long said that every resident should own a weather radio.  These devices tap directly into the National Weather Service and sound an alarm when severe weather is approaching.  Life saving information and instructions are then broadcast giving you the precious moments that you may have to take action before disaster strikes.

To help raise awareness of severe weather and these devices, we are giving away a Midland WR-120B weather radio.  The radio has all of the essential features including SAME alert programming, a siren and voice alert, battery backup and it is trilingual.

It is our goal that even if you don’t win the radio, you will take action and purchase a weather radio on your own.  To learn more about these important devices and why you should own one, click here.

So how do you win?  It is easy!

All you have to do is share our Facebook page or Google+ page with all of your friends telling them how great a resource ThorntonWeather.com is and ask them to ‘like’ us or add us to their ‘circles.’

Simply follow the links below and click ‘Share’ if on Facebook or ‘Share this post’ on Google+.  Be sure to do this from the postings linked below so that we can see that you shared it and in doing so you are automatically entered.

We will then randomly pick a winner on Monday, April 23 after Severe Weather Awareness Week is over.

Click here for the Facebook posting to share

Click here for the Google+ posting to share

* Contest is open to residents of the Denver / Boulder metropolitan area (verified by shipping address).  Weather radio will be shipped directly to the winning contestant from Amazon.com.  Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery after the contest ends.  

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2 Responses to “ThorntonWeather.com announces Severe Weather Awareness Week contest”

  1. Lalania Worley Says:

    I need one of these! Your share links are broken (mouse over shows nothing, I am using Chrome.)I shared your page directly from Facebook.

  2. Thornton Weather Says:

    The links should be working now. Good luck, Lalania! 😉

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