Thornton’s December 2022 wintry blast sets records

Record Cold Temperatures

That’s a wrap! The Arctic blast is slowly on its way out and in its wake, we can see that we set a number of records. has been in operation for 16 years and this cold was one for the books.

  • The 67.3 degree 24 hour temperature drop from Wed PM (52.7 degrees) to Thu AM (-14.6 degrees) was the biggest of the past 16 years
  • The -14.6 degrees low temp on 12/22/22 ties lowest temp recorded in the past 16 years (2/2/2011)
  • The 0 degree high temp 12/22/22 is the record low maximum temperature recorded in the past 16 years (old record was 1.9 degrees on 2/5/14)
  • A 31.1 degrees wind chill on 12/22 at 8:35am is the coldest wind chill temperature recorded in the past 16 years

For Denver, officially, some marks were set / tied as well.

  • The high temperature of -6 degrees on 12/22/22 ties for the 10th coldest high temperature on record. It also is a new record low maximum for the date, breaking the old record of -5 degrees set in 1983.
  • The low temperature of -24 degrees on the morning of 12/22/22 ties for the 8th coldest reading ever recorded in Denver.
  • The average temperature for 12/22/22 of -14 degrees ties for the 5th coldest daily average temperature recorded in Denver.

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