The Snow Clears Out, the Cleanup Begins

Snow clears outRound 2 of the snowstorms has come and gone and left Thornton with around 5″ of the white stuff.  As a result, we have now moved into the #10 spot of the snowiest Decembers on record which works out well as it helps to make up for the dry season we have had prior to this.  It will be cold today with some nasty windchills but we should start to see some melting tomorrow and into next week. 

 Thornton announced yesterday that residential streets were going to be plowed and they have already been making the rounds –’s street was plowed at 8:30 last night.  From talking to other residents, the quality of the plowing seems to vary widely but no matter what, it is nice to have it done.  We commend the city for taking the initiative and getting this done.  It is not a cheap endeavour but it is a service that residents should appreciate. 

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