The end of summer already?

Fall is in the air as cooler weather moves in.
Fall is in the air as cooler weather moves in.

Summer seems to be winding down quickly along the Front Range.  Tuesday we only reached a high temperature of 64 degrees which handily beat the previous record high minimum of 67 degrees for September 2nd.  Low temperatures weren’t record setting but there has been a definite chill in the air as we dropped to 45 Monday night and 48 Tuesday night. 

Nighttime temps will continue to be cool for the next few nights getting down to the mid 40’s.  Thursday we will reach a high of 78, three degrees below normal.  Friday is when fall really seems to hit as we’ll be mostly cloudy and only reach 55 degrees.  That too would be a record high minimum for the date and would be the fifth time in recent weeks we have set that record. 

The good news is that the weekend forecast is looking pretty good, even if a bit cool.

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