Surprise Snow on Easter Eve

Easter snowLast night / this morning  we had a bit of a surprise as the forecasted snow that was only supposed to amount to 1/2 inch quickly turned into 3.7 inches on the ground early this morning.  Yesterday afternoon and early evening we started observing some upslope conditions with strong winds from the northeast and begain wondering if the passing front could bring more than forecast.  The snow started falling in earnest around 8:00pm, tapered off around 9:30 then at 12:30 this morning more started falling.  All in all a pleasant surprise. 

For Easter morning things will be a bit chilly, particularly for those heading to sunrise services.  Sunrise is at 6:57am and in Thornton at that time the mercury will be a mere 23 degrees.  We’ll have clear skies today though and warm up pretty quickly to 43 by noon as we head for a high of 51.  For the first part of the week we will see above normal temperatures in the upper 60’s Monday through Wednesday which is great for those on Spring Break this week. 

We here at wish you and yours a happy and blessed Easter!

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