November 2023 weather recap: Thornton gets another mild, dry month

Thornton, Colorado's November 2023 Temperature Summary. (
Thornton, Colorado’s November 2023 Temperature Summary. (

For the second month in the row, Thornton saw a period of temperatures above normal and precipitation below normal. Were it not for a cold snap and snow to end the month, it would have been much worse.

Most of November saw a continuation of the mild, dry weather we saw in October. For the first three weeks, temperatures were largely above normal and precipitation was virtually non-existent. In fact, 19 out of the first 22 days of the month saw mercury readings above normal and a mere 0.02 inches had been recorded in the rain bucket and we had no snow.

Mother Nature finally changed course and chilled us out and brought our first snow of the month during the last week. We saw a few days with well below normal temperatures and 4.3 inches of snowfall were recorded over a two-day period.

Thornton’s average temperature for November 2023 came in at 42.2 degrees. This was well above our 17-year running average for November of 39.7 degrees. Temperatures ranged from a high of 79.8 degrees on the 5th down to a low of 11.7 degrees on the 26th.

Out at DIA where the Mile High City’s official measurements are taken, it was similarly warm. Denver had an overage temperature for the month of 43.2 degrees, again, well above their average of 39.4 degrees.

In terms of precipitation, Thornton saw a mere 0.20 inches of liquid precipitation during the month. This was less than half of the 0.47 inches running November average and tied for the third driest November of the past 17 years.

Denver recorded 0.18 inches out at the airport. Far below their long term November average of 0.64 inches.

Snow was below normal both here in Thornton and at DIA. Thornton recorded 4.3 inches, a good bit below the 5.7 inch November average of the past 17 years. Denver saw less than us with 2.9 inches, far below their long term November average of 7.3 inches.

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Thornton, Colorado's November 2023 Precipitation Summary. (
Thornton, Colorado’s November 2023 Precipitation Summary. (