New webcams provide a live window to the outside's new weather webcams provide a great way to view current conditions.'s new weather webcams provide a great way to view current conditions.

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our growing stable of features:  Weather webcams! now features two live cameras that provide a great look into the current weather conditions in Thornton.  The west camera provides a good view of the western sky to see what is approaching and happening right now.  The east camera looks toward the plains and will show good “on the ground” conditions, particularly come winter when it starts snowing. 

The pictures from each camera are updated and uploaded to the website every five minutes.  We also feature a time-lapse movie of each camera showing the previous 24 hours worth of images that is kind of fun to watch. 🙂

This is an exciting new feature and we are sure it will quickly become one of our most popular!  You can click here to view the webcam images right now!  They are also accessible from our menus by going to Live Conditons and then selecting Weather Webcams. 

What do you think of our webcams?  Are there other features, changes, or enhancements you would like to see incororate?  Click the “Comment” link below and let us know!

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