January 2023 weather recap: Thornton experiences a cold and snowy month

Thornton, Colorado January 2023 Temperature Summary. (ThorntonWeather.com)
Thornton, Colorado January 2023 Temperature Summary. (ThorntonWeather.com)

You likely could have guessed the overall summary for the month, one that is summed up with two words: cold and snowy. January 2023, in fact, goes into the books as the second coldest and one of the snowiest Januarys of the past 17 years.

Overall, Thornton’s January saw an average temperature of 27.4 degrees. This is more than 3 degrees below the 17-year running average for the month of 30.7 degrees. It is also the second coldest January over that time span.

Temperatures ranged from a high of 62.4 degrees on the 14th down to a bone-chilling -3.7 degrees on the morning of the 30th.

Most notable was the big chill that descended at the end of the month resulting in four days of below freezing high temperatures. Additionally, the first five days of the month and 13 of the last 14 days of the month recorded below normal high temperatures.

For Denver, as measured at Denver International Airport, the Mile High City was actually colder with an average temperature for the month of 25.0 degrees. This was well below Denver’s January average of 31.7 degrees and the 17th coldest January on record for Denver.

Denver saw its warmest temperature of 59 degrees on the 14th and its coldest, -10 degrees, on the 30th.
In terms of precipitation, Thornton saw nearly double its January average. We recorded 0.85 inches in the bucket between rain and snowmelt. That is far above our 17-year running average for the month of 0.43 inches.

Out at the airport, Denver reported a healthy 1.25 inches of precipitation, besting our mark. That is well above their long-term January average of 0.38 inches. It also puts January 2023 into the record books as the 8th wettest January on record in Denver.

As you might infer from the precipitation totals, snowfall as well came in above normal.

Thornton recorded 11.2 inches of the white stuff. This was well above the 17-year average of 6.9 inches. It makes the month the 4th snowiest January of the past 17 years.

Denver bested us here as well with 13.0 inches. That is exactly double the 6.5 inches January average for the Mile High City since 1882. January 2023 goes into the books as tied with January 1989 as the 15th snowiest January in Denver.

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Thornton, Colorado January 2023 Precipitation Summary. (ThorntonWeather.com)

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