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January 2014 becomes 11th snowiest January on record

Friday, January 31st, 2014 10:52pm MDT

Record snowfall.Thanks to a snowy start and a similarly snowy finish, the month of January 2014 climbed onto the list of top 10 January snow measurements in the Mile High City.

Officially the month ended with 14.3 inches of snowfall as measured at Denver International Airport.  It was just enough to bump January 1991 from the number 10 spot (14.1 inches).

Here in Thornton we received just a bit less as we saw 13.4 inches of the white stuff.

January is only our fourth snowiest month with an average of 7.0 inches (based on 1981 to 2010 normals).  The snowiest January on record occurred in 1992 when 24.3 inches of snow fell.

Looking at the 2013 / 2014 snow season, January helped make up some lost ground from the previous dry months.

The seasonal total now stands at 22.4 inches, 5.4 inches below the long term average of 27.8 inches we normally receive by the end of January.  Thornton’s seasonal total is a bit better but still below normal at 24.2 inches.

Click here to view Thornton’s seasonal snow summary.


24.3 INCHES 1992
22.2 INCHES 1949
20.5 INCHES 1883
19.2 INCHES 1948
17.4 INCHES 1959
17.2 INCHES 1962
17.0 INCHES 1891 AND 1987
15.9 INCHES 2007
15.7 INCHES 1951
14.3 INCHES 2014

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