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Frightening weather? A look at Denver’s Halloween weather history

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 6:14am MDT

Many long-time Denver residents believe it always snows on Halloween. Is it fact or fiction?

As a kid growing up in Denver it always seemed like Mother Nature put a damper on our trick-or-treating.  Conventional wisdom in the Denver area is that it always seems to rain or snow on Halloween.

But, is there any truth to this urban legend?  Or is this just one of those times where our memory doesn’t serve us quite right?

This year it looks like we have nothing to worry about but  the National Weather Service has been kind enough to compile weather statistics just for Halloween.  As it turns out, the thought of snow and rain on Octboer 31st isn’t just in our minds!

Get all the details in our Denver Halloween statistics and info page!  Click here!

Will it snow this Halloween?  Get the latest forecast here.

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