First day of fall brings summer-like weather

Today at 9:44am marks the Autumn Equinox – the first day of fall.  The days are definitely getting shorter and we are seeing less and less daylight.  The spring and autumn equinox mark the two days of the year  when the center of the Sun will spend a nearly equal amount of time above and below the horizon at every location on Earth and night and day will be of nearly the same length.  In short, there is 12 hours between sunrise and sunset.  Here along the Front Range we are pleased to see summer-like weather today and for most of the week. 

A dry and stable weather pattern will settle in over much of the state and with it usher in well above normal temperatures.  The normal high temperature for this time of year is 75 degrees and on Monday we will be a good bit above that as we reach 85.  There will be a slight chance for thunderstorms late today but those will be few and far between. 

As the week progresses we will continue to see above normal temperatures with 80 on Tuesday, 82 on Wednesday, 85 on Thursday and 84 on Friday.  Enjoy it while you can – the snow could be flying any day now!

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