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Denver sets record for warmest temperature reading ever in February

Friday, February 10th, 2017 3:30pm MST

Record High TemperaturesWe knew it was going to be warm and windy today and boy was it! Downslope winds kept things warm in the early morning hours and it went up a good ways from there.

At 1:38pm the temperature at Denver International Airport where the Mile High City’s official measurements are taken reached 80 degrees.

This easily bested the record high temperature for this date (71 degrees in 1951).  More notably that also is the warmest temperature reading ever in February in Denver.  The old warmest February reading of 77 degrees was recorded on February 4, 1890 and February 28, 2006.

Here in Thornton, we were a touch warmer than Denver with a high of 80.5 degrees at 1:22pm.

As for the wind, it kicked into high gear at around 2:00am.  Our top gust of 48.3 mph occurred at 8:15am.

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