A wet start to the weekend but the sun is coming soon

Thornton is getting a bit of a wet start to the weekend Friday as we have had nearly 1″ of rain fall in the last 12 hours.  Those showers will continue off and on throughout the day with a chance for a thunderstorm or two this afternoon. 

Friday night things will start to clear out and patchy fog may be possible as we head into Saturday morning due to all the moisture in the air.  The sun will come out though and we should be under clear skies as we reach a high of 76 degrees Saturday.

Sunday, the day of the Denver Broncos home opener against the San Diego Chargers, we will have clear skies again but just a touch cooler.  Look for a high around 71 degrees.  For those of you heading to the game, at kickoff look for a temperature around 68.  The temperature should hold right around there throughout.

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