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The South tries to recover amongst devastation of 2nd deadliest tornado outbreak on record

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 6:02pm MDT

With entire towns reduced to rubble and damage spread across seven states, people in the southeastern United States began the long task of recovery.  The tornadoes that struck this past week claimed 341 lives and achieved the unwanted status as the 2nd deadliest single-day tornado outbreak in U.S. history. President Barack Obama toured the devastated […]

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Disaster strikes: Worst tornado outbreak in more than 30 years hits the South

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 6:14pm MDT

A virtually unrivaled severe weather outbreak hit the southern United States yesterday bringing death and destruction.  The death toll from the event continues to climb and now ranks as the second worst since 1950. The evaluation on the number of tornadoes and their power has begun by the National Weather Service.  The Storm Prediction Center […]

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Surveillance video shows trailers being overturned by tornado

Saturday, November 6th, 2010 8:25am MDT

An extraordinary severe weather outbreak on Tuesday, October 26th brought Mother Nature’s fury to a large part of the nation stretching from Mississippi to Michigan.  Of the dozens of tornadoes reported that day, one ripped through Chickamauga Lock near Chattanooga, Tennessee and was captured on surveillance video. Watch the amazing video below The twister ripped […]

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Opryland Hotel in Nashville flooded by 10 feet of water

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 6:15am MDT

With its 1,500 guests evacuated, managers and employees of the Opryland Hotel in Nashville spent Monday watching the water inside the historic hotel rise to 10 feet above floor level. Images taken in the hotel and of the surrounding area show a facility likely to face major repairs once the floodwaters recede. As the Cumberland […]

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