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Tornadoes strike Douglas and Elbert county

Photo of the tornado near Parker.  Image courtesy Jeff Smith and 9News.
Photo of the tornado near Parker. Image courtesy Jeff Smith and 9News.

Three tornadoes and multiple funnel clouds were reported in Elbert and Douglas counties Sunday evening.  At 5:31pm the Centennial Airport tower reported a tornado on the ground five miles southwest of Parker.  This was followed by a second tornado reported at 5:47pm six miles northeast of Parker.  Lastly, a third twister was spotted three miles west of Castle Rock reported by trained spotters at 6:03pm. 

News video showed the tornadoes weaving through relatively unpopulated areas interspersed wtih some houses.  Authorities currently report no major damage. 

Tornado warnings were issued but have now expired.  As always, please be aware of the weather situation around you and when a danger presents itself, take appropriate action. 

Update, 8/25/08, 7:50am – Reports are varying on the actual number of tornadoes that touched down.  We have seen reports as low as two twisters to as many as a dozen.  Chances are the actual number is toward the lower end of that range as oftentimes the same tornado is reported by multiple spotters with different descriptions of their locations.  The National Weather Service investigates these and at some point in the future will determine the true number of tornadoes.

Here is some video shot by a Parker resident: