One Year Anniversary of Holly Tornado Marked Friday

On year anniversary of the Holly tornado.Friday marked the one year anniversary of the tornado that struck Holly, Colorado in Prowers County.  At 8:11pm on March 28, 2007, with no real warning, an EF-3 tornado with winds of 165mph touched down and quickly tore a path more than two miles long and four blocks wide.  162 of the 369 homes in Holly were either damaged or destroyed but most notably, Rosemary Puga died during the storm and Delores Burns died a month later due to the injuries she suffered.

Today Holly is rebuilding and showing the American spirit of survival that has been demonstrated so many times in our country’s history.  From the ashes of pain, suffering and destruction a new Holly is rising today but it serves as a reminder of the destructive power of Mother Nature.  Here in Colorado we can see the entire gamut of severe weather and while we talk about the weather every day, we should always remember that it is not us who is in control and lives can be lost. 

Please take a moment to say a prayer for Rosemary, Delores and all of the residents of Holly. 

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