A look at Super Bowl weather history and some interesting tornado statistics for it

The biggest sporting event of the year is of course the Super Bowl and no doubt this year’s matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals is sure to be no different.  Super Bowl XLIII will be held in Tampa Bay, Florida and the weather forecast is looking to be just about perfect – see our game day forecast below.

What about Super Bowl’s in the past?  Was there ever any notable weather during the big game?  You bet there was.  Here are some fun facts (courtesy wx-man.com):

  • 17 of 42 Super Bowls played indoors
  • 16 of 42 Super Bowls had a trace or more of rain nearby
  • 2 Super Bowls had snow on game day (1982,2006)
  • 1 Super Bowl played during an ice storm (2000)
  • Warmest high temperature of 82° (1973,2003)
  • Coldest high temp for dome game 16° (1982)
  • Coldest high temp for non-dome game 49° (1985)
  • Wettest Super Bowl .92 inches (2007)
  • Outside games with high wind gust (1980, 1984, 1989,2007)

You will notice there isn’t really any mention of severe weather in those statistics. The NFL has been pretty fortunate on that front with nothing particularly notable – rain always seems to be the biggest threat. 

For a more in depth look at severe weather in February in Florida, the Super Bowl forecast and some interesting tornado statistics, please visit our Examiner.com story.

For all the details, read the rest of this story on our Denver Weather Examiner page. Examiner.com - Get inside Denver weather 

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