Regional Weather Now at Rocky Mountain Weather Network

We are excited to announce a new regional weather website – the Rocky Mountain Weather Network (RMWN) – that you will find at

One of the prominent members of the personal weather station (PWS) community, Ken True of SaratogaWX, recently hatched the idea of a series of regional weather networks, all being fed data from weather stations in the areas they serve. Tony of has agreed to manage the regional network for the Rocky Mountain area encompassing Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

These networks are to provide an overview of weather conditions across the region and will provide links to the stations within. The main page of the site displays a “mesomap” with a rotating display of current weather conditions across the three states. At the current time, 18 stations are online with RMWN and more are joining daily.

The Rocky Mountain Weather Network will not only serve as an online repository for current weather conditions in the area, but we are also hoping to see it grow into an online community . To this end, online discussion forums have been created on the RMWN website that anyone can participate in. These will be frequented not only by weather station owners / operators but also by the public and anyone just generally interested in the weather. The community will be a great way for anyone interested in the weather to congregate online and discuss their common interests.

So please check out the Rocky Mountain Weather Network at and be sure to stop by the discussion forums for some weather talk!

Rocky Mountain Weather Network

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