Examiner.com Launches Featuring Weather Commentary From Us!

Check out Examiner.comWe are excited to announce that ThorntonWeather.com’s chief amateur meteorologist is now writing for a new local news website, Examiner.comExaminer.com officially launched this past Monday and seeks to be a local source for Denver area news.  The former editor of YourHub joined them and in turn invited us to become a contributor to their site.  This new site is actually run by Philip Anschutz’s Clarity Media Group so it has some serious backing. 

The key difference between it and similar sites is a series of blog-type articles written by “Examiners” on a variety of topics from weather and traffic to politics and art.  Examiners are mostly just everyday citizens that have special insight or just may have a lot to say about a topic.  In addition there are of course local and national news headlines, weather, classified ads and more.  It is everything you would expect in a local news website and more. 

I invite everyone to check it out.  We are very excited to be part of this new endeavor and believe it is a welcome addition to the online community. 

Click here to go to Examiner.com.

Click here for the Weather Examiner’s page – written by Tony of ThorntonWeather.com.

Click here for a list of other Denver area Examiner’s.

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