City of Thornton launches Thornton Connected

For those that may not have noticed it in the most recent issue of Inside Thornton, the city has launched a new service called Thornton Connected.  This new website and system allows area residents access to all sorts of new information from the city.  First is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the website that covers the entire breadth of city services.  That same information is also available by phone.  Second is an email subscription service that allows area residents to receive periodic emails from the city on a range of topics from just about every city department. 

We have subscribed to many of the email newsletters and have them to be very informative.  The city is also doing a great job of ensuring the number of messages isn’t overwhelming and is only sending out the important stuff.  We commend the City of Thornton on this new service for residents! 

At the current time the system is only for non-emergency messages.  We do wish and hope the city will consider expanding the system to include emergency messages such as tornado warnings, Amber Alerts and other emergency alerts.  The city does not have an emergency siren system or any other way to disseminate emergency information to residents and we believe this would be a valuable and potentially life saving service.  A number of municipalities across the country and in Colorado have implemented such systems.  We are going to talk to the city about this and will update you when we learn more about their plans. 

You can learn more about Thornton Connected on the city’s website or by going directly to  As we mentioned, the winter issue of Inside Thornton also has information on the service.  You can download the issue by clicking here – page 10 and 11 have the Thornton Connected information.

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