Warmest Day of the Year Ahead

Beautiful day aheadYou have to love Colorado weather!  Monday we had our warmest day of the year with a high of 76.1 degrees.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Today we most likely will top that by a little bit but unfortunately there will also be wind as a cold front starts to move into the area.  Look for high temps today similar to yesterday. 

Wednesday brings changesLooking farther ahead, Wednesday will bring changes as an upper level low moves into the state.  The southern Front Range foothills and Palmer Divide area could see three inches of snow.  Further north in the metro area and Thornton we could see scattered rain and snow showers but nothing that will accumulate.  Thursday we return to seasonal temperatures while the weekend is looking to be beautiful again with highs around 70. 

Website downtimeWebsite note:  Some of you may have noticed our conditions and statistics not updating yesterday starting around 11:30am.  We apologize for the problem but our DSL line was down.  Qwest of course couldn’t explain why but it miraculously started working again last night.  While our website is connected directly to the Internet and stayed up and running, we need the DSL line to update the site with the information from our weather sensors.  We apologize for the downtime. 

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