Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Snowy HouseAnother round of snow moved into the metro area last night making for pretty messy conditions. As of 6:00 this morning we have recorded 2.1″ of fresh snow in Thornton with more on the way. You can expect the white stuff to continue falling throughout the day with additional accumulations of 1″ to 3″.This of course is the second storm in less than a week to bring snow to us. It is hard to complain considering how dry we have been in recent weeks. The cause for the moisture? Two factors have helped:

One is the jetstream. We generally see moisture come our way when the jetstream has dipped south to off of the coast of Southern California / Baja California. If you take a look at our jet stream map, you will see that happening.

The second factor is the wind from the northeast. Heading into this past weekend’s storm, we weren’t expecting much because the wind was from the west northwest (called a downslope wind) which would have helped move the storm past quickly. Instead, the wind shifted from the northeast (an upslope wind). Upslope winds help to slow storms down and hold them in place against the mountains, thus resulting in greater snowfall for the metro area.

Until these storms move out, stay warm and stay safe!

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