Colorado Weather – Rain, Thunderstorms and Snow – All Today!

One thing that is consistent about Colorado weather is how inconsistent it can be!  Yesterday evening we saw some metro area thunderstorms with some rain and a pretty good lightning show.  Further east on the plains, four tornadoes were reported but all were in open areas.  Today the state will see it all. 


Current Advisories / WarningsFlood watches / warnings are in effect for a good part of the western slope.  Also out west there are actually snow advisories issued for the Gore and Elk Mountain Ranges and a few other spots as the snow level will drop to around 9,000 feet.  Much of the eastern third of the state is under thunderstorm watches until around noon and those could very well be extended.  Severe storms out there are a real possibility. 

Click here to see what advisories / warnings are currently issued for the state

This morning in the metro area we woke up to overcast skies and light rain in many areas.  Showers will continue on and off throughout the day and a thunderstorm or two are a possibility.  Temperature wise we will be about 20 degrees below the normal of 79 and that is a pretty dramatic difference from recent days.  Expect temps around the metro area to reach around 60 today. 

There is good news though.  The rain and cool weather will move out of the Front Range after midnight tonight and we will see a quick warm up and a beautiful weekend.  Look for 77 degrees on Friday and 85 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. 

If you didn’t read our June weather preview, you may find it interesting to know that snow has actually been recorded in Denver as late as June 11th (1947).  It is pretty unlikely anything like that will happen this year but if you don’t like the rain, just remember that it could be snow! 

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