Total lunar eclipse to turn the moon red on Election Day 2022

November 8. 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse Time and Phases. (NASA)
November 8. 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse Time and Phases. (NASA)

The second blood moon of the year and the last for us until 2025 is set to be the highlight in the sky early in the morning on Tuesday, November 8th.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon all align in a way that the moon is in the Earth’s shadow. Tonight’s total eclipse will see the moon in the darkest part of the shadow and will turn the moon red, hence the name “blood moon.”

The eclipse starts at 1:55am MST and will be done at 6:06am MST. Totality begins at 3:17am and ends at 4:42am. Maximum eclipse will be at 3:59am.

You don’t need anything special to see the event as it will be easily visible with the naked eye. Binoculars though will provide a closer look.

The one hiccup we might have here in Thornton in being able to view the show is cloud cover. Overnight tonight moisture is expected to increase leading to partly to mostly cloudy skies. Hopefully, however, there will be some breaks in the coverage allowing a view. You can check the latest hour-by-hour sky cover forecast here.

This will be the last total lunar eclipse visible for us until March 14, 2025 so if you can get out of bed to see it and Mother Nature cooperates, it is well worth it.

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