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So what is the story with

Saturday, October 24th, 2009 6:57am MDT
Why does share stories and links with

Why does share stories and links with

We are oftentimes asked why we have links to on and why we plug stories from them.  The reasons stem from our interest on the topics at hand but also because by your visiting, you support  

Some background on might be useful. was launched in 2008 by Clarity Media Group, a company owned by Phillip Anschutz.  The site is essentially a living example of ‘citizen journalism’ featuring local news stories on hundreds of topics written by people titled ‘Examiners’ who are knowledgeable in their given topic area.  There are now hundreds of local editions of including of course Denver. 

We were recruited to write for when it first launched, initially as the Denver Weather Examiner and more recently we are also writing as the Natural Disasters Examiner and Climate Change Examiner.  

Why do we write for  

First and foremost it is because we are passionate about weather and climate and enjoy sharing news stories about those topics.  Weather is one of the things that affect the lives of every single person on earth and that is fascinating to us.  

By writing for, we have a pretty big stage on which to have our topic features – the site is one of the fastest growing on the Internet and now ranks 82nd in overall traffic on the Internet with more than 12 million people a month visiting it.  That ranks higher than popular sites like, and! - Get inside Denver weatherSecondly, quite frankly we do get paid for writing for and that money directly supports and helps to pay for  The weather station hardware, software, lightning detectors, and more that we use here on is very expensive.  Factor in computer costs, website services and more and it isn’t cheap.  We don’t charge for and never will but helps to offset the very real costs we do incur in operating the site.  

By reading an story we post in our news section or checking out the links on the left to our topic areas, you are supporting directly.  So, if you like, we ask you to check out our stories on – not only is a great, local news source, it also is a great way to help us!  You can also support us by checking out the few advertisers you see on the site.  

If you ever have any questions about our site, or any weather-related topic, please contact us.  Thank you as always for supporting 

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