Lots of sun, mild temps for Thornton’s weekend but also some wind

. Somewhat of a mixed bag for our weekend weather. While we will enjoy dry, mild conditions, we will also experience some wind.

For Friday, look for sunny skies throughout. High temperatures will reach the low 80s. Late morning will see breezy winds arrive and they will continue well into the evening. Tonight, lows will drop into the upper 40s under mostly clear skies.

Saturday looks much the same as today but a bit cooler. Look for highs in the upper 70s under sunny skies. Winds will be breezy throughout the daytime hours into the evening. Saturday night, winds will settle down after dark and lows will be in the mid-40s.

Sunday will probably be the most pleasant of the three-day period. Highs will reach the mid to upper 70s under sunny skies. Winds will be calmer.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday offers up temps above normal, calm, dry conditions

Another fine day ahead for Thornton. We will once again enjoy temps a bit above normal and plenty of blue above.

The morning will offer up some varying levels of cloud cover but overall, mostly sunny skies will be the rule for the day. High temperatures will be topping out in the low 80s, a few degrees above average. Overall, conditions will be calm and dry.

Tonight, skies remain mostly clear with lows dipping to around the 50 degree mark.

September 17 to September 23: This week in Denver weather history

This Week in Denver Weather History

The calendar may still say it is summer for a few more days but our look back at this week in Denver weather history shows that Old Man Winter can still make an appearance.

From the National Weather Service:


In 2018…the high temperature equaled or exceeded 90 degrees for 9 consecutive days; marking the first time such an occurrence has taken place in the month of September. It also brought September of 2018 into a 4-way tie for most 90 degree + days in the month. Previous years included 2017…2005 and 1895. During the streak…4 record high temperatures were either tied or broken…and one record high minimum temperatures was broken.


In 2000…unusually hot weather for so late in the season occurred when temperatures climbed into the 90’s setting daily record maximum temperatures on each of the 3 days. The high temperature was 92 degrees on the 15th and 95 degrees on both the 16th and 17th.


In 1906…rain on 5 consecutive days totaled 1.61 inches. A thunderstorm occurred on the 17th. High temperatures ranged from 48 degrees on the 16th to 65 degrees on the 15th. Low temperatures were in the lower to mid 40’s.


In 1971…a record breaking early fall snow storm caused extensive damage to trees and utility lines. The heavy wet snow occurred with little wind…but caused record breaking cold temperatures for so early in the season. Snowfall totaled 15.6 inches at Stapleton International Airport with most of the snowfall…12.0 inches…occurring on the 17th. This was the heaviest first snow of the season. The maximum snow depth on the ground was 13 inches. Record low temperatures were set on three consecutive days: 31 degrees on the 17th…23 degrees on the 18th…and 20 degrees on the 19th…which was also a new all-time record minimum for the month at that time. Record low maximum temperatures were set on 4 consecutive days: 48 degrees on the 16th…35 degrees on the 17th…40 degrees on the 18th… And 42 degrees on the 19th.


In 1873…brisk west to northwest winds at different times during the day…generally in sudden gusts…spread a good deal of dust into the city.

In 1953…strong winds caused thousands of dollars in damage to Boulder. The winds blew for most of the day with great gustiness…and a freak twister was reported during the afternoon. Damage was minor. A thunderstorm wind gust to 40 mph caused some blowing dust at Stapleton Airport.

In 1992…a tornado touched down briefly near Bennett. No damage was reported.

In 1993…severe thunderstorms rumbled across northern portions of metro Denver. Hail as large as 1 3/4 inches in diameter fell in Brighton. Dime size hail damaged several roofs of residences in Lafayette.

In 2000…for the second day in a row…the high temperature of 95 degrees at Denver International Airport broke three record temperature extremes: the high temperature broke the previous record for the day of 94 degrees set in 1895; it marked the warmest it has been for so late in the season; it also marked the 61st day in the year that the temperature had equaled or exceeded 90 degrees…eclipsing the record equaled the previous day and first set on September 29… 1994.


In 1901…northeast winds were sustained to 42 mph with gusts to 50 mph behind an apparent cold front.

In 1948…the low temperature cooled to only 69 degrees…the all-time record high minimum for the month.

In 1988…a strong cold front blasted metro Denver with high winds. Gusts reached 82 mph in Longmont and 81 mph at Jefferson County Airport near Broomfield where the winds flipped over and destroyed a small airplane. Wind gusts to 60 mph were recorded in Boulder and Wheat Ridge. West wind gusts to 54 mph were clocked at Stapleton International Airport. The strong winds downed trees and power lines and damaged homes and cars. A Longmont man was slightly injured…when a tree fell on top of his car.

In 1990…a slow moving thunderstorm over southwest metro Denver spawned an ominous looking funnel cloud near the intersection of Sheridan Blvd. and U.S. Highway 285. The funnel cloud nearly touched down a few times before lifting back into the main cloud. No damage was reported. Pea to marble size hail and 3/4 inch of rain fell over central and northeast Denver. Numerous streets and underpasses became flooded on Denver’s south side when the heavy runoff backed up storm sewers. Thunderstorm rainfall totaled 1.02 inches at Stapleton International Airport.

In 1993…a severe thunderstorm rolled through southeast metro Denver. Dime size hail was reported in many areas. Straight-line winds from the thunderstorm…measured by a weather spotter at 70 mph…tore the roof off 6 apartments of an apartment complex in Aurora. Heavy rain which accompanied the winds caused major damage to the apartments as well as the contents. Many trees…fences… And power poles were knocked down by the strong winds. Heavy rain flooded roadways in Denver and Aurora. Thunderstorm rainfall totaled 1.08 inches and north winds gusted to 44 mph at Stapleton International Airport where the visibility was briefly reduced to as low as 1/4 mile in heavy rain.

In 1996…a late summer snowstorm struck the northern mountains and Front Range eastern foothills. Golden Gate Canyon received 6 inches of new snow with 5 inches reported at both Nederland and Blackhawk. Thunderstorms produced heavy rain across metro Denver…which was mixed with snow by late evening. Rainfall totaled 0.83 inch at the site of the former Stapleton International Airport and 1.22 inches at Denver International Airport where northwest winds gusted to 39 mph. Continue reading

Warm temperatures, calm conditions for Wednesday

A pleasant day ahead for Thornton. Temperatures will warm to a few degrees above normal while overall conditions are sunny and calm.

We start off the day with sunny skies and those will continue through the morning. The afternoon will see some cloud cover. High temperatures will top out in the low 80s. Overall, conditions will be calm other than some slightly breezy winds in the late afternoon and evening.

Tonight, skies will be partly clear and conditions remain calm. Lows will dip to around 50 degrees.

Tuesday cools a bit, offers more clouds, chance for a storm

The passage of a weak system will mix things up just a bit in Thornton today. We will see things cool a bit and, perhaps, see some precipitation.

Partly clear skies are going to be the general rule for the day as increased moisture aloft allows for more clouds. High temperatures will top out in the upper 70s. Mid-afternoon will bring some isolated thunderstorms with rain and gusty winds.

This evening, chances for storms increase from about 6:00pm to 9:00pm. After that, skies will gradually clear and we will head for a low in the low 50s.

Mild temperatures, calm conditions for Thornton’s Monday

A pretty nice way to start the week. We will experience temps a good bit above normal with a healthy dose of sun.

Mostly sunny skies start off the day and will be with us more most of it. Mid to late afternoon will see cloud cover increase due to increased moisture aloft. High temperatures will top out in the mid-80s.

Tonight, lows dip to the mid-50s under mostly cloudy skies.

After a little bit of a damp start, Thornton’s weekend to end up very pleasant

Following yesterday’s deluge, today we remain a bit cool and damp. However, the balance of the weekend will be very nice with lots of sun.

For today, we will have some clouds this morning then gradual clearing will be seen in the afternoon. A few sprinkles can be expected this morning then this afternoon there will be a slight chance for a thunderstorm. Highs will top out in the upper 60s. Tonight, skies will clear and lows will dip into the upper 40s.

Saturday turns things around in fantastic fashion. You will be hard pressed to find a cloud at all during the day and conditions will be calm and dry. Look for highs in the mid to upper 70s. Saturday night skies remain clear and lows will drop to around 50 degrees.

Sunday continues the nice weather with even warmer temperatures. Highs will be in the low to mid-80s with sunny skies above. The late afternoon will bring some breezy winds but otherwise it will be calm and pleasant.

Have a great weekend!

Cooler temps, showers and thunderstorms for Thornton’s Thursday

A couple cold fronts will be moving through today and with them, temps cool and we stand a good chance to see some precipitation.

As the first front passes this morning, cloud cover will increase with partly sunny skies for the morning then coverage will gradually increase. High temperatures will top out in the low to mid-70s.

That warming should be enough to get some convection going and help stir things up for showers and thunderstorms. The afternoon will see some scattered activity with increasing coverage late afternoon into early evening.

This evening, showers will become widespread and we should see some good numbers from then through about midnight. After midnight, showers will ease. Overnight lows tonight will be around the 50 degree mark.

Our live radar is the spot to watch for the showers and thunderstorms.

Wednesday offers up temps near normal, just a slight chance for a PM storm

A pretty nice day ahead for Thornton. We will see some cloud cover but temps will be near average and there is only a sight chance for a thunderstorm.

Partly sunny skies start us off and will continue throughout the daytime hours. High temperatures will be topping out right near the 80 degree mark. Late afternoon we begin to see just a slight chance for a thunderstorm.

Tonight, the evening may see a storm then after dark skies will be partly clear. Overnight lows will be in the low 50s.

Tuesday in Thornton dries out, warms up

Following yesterday’s cool and somewhat damp weather, we look to remain dry today and see temps get warmer but remain below average.

Sunny to mostly sunny skies will be above during the daytime hours. Overall conditions will be calm and dry other than some slightly breezy winds in the late afternoon and evening. Look for highs to top out in the upper 70s.

Tonight, lows will dip to around 50 degrees under partly cloudy skies.