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Eclipse Turns Out Nicely In Thornton!

EclipseThe lunar eclipse last night started out a bit rough with some light cloud cover obscuring the view.  However, a bit before the eclipse was at its maximum, the clouds cleared and we ended up with quite a nice view.  As an added treat, Regulus and Saturn were clearly visible and very bright above and below left of the moon.

Here are some pictures we took last night, in order from the start to finish. 

The start of the eclipse.  The start of the eclipse.  Eclipse  Eclipse

Eclipse  Eclipse  Eclipse  Eclipse 

Eclipse  Eclipse  Eclipse 

Total Lunar Eclipse Wednesday

Lunar eclipseThe Western Hemisphere will be given a bit of an astronomical treat Wednesday with a total lunar eclipse.  A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the moon passes through some portion of the Earth’s shadow – basically when the Earth is between the moon and the sun. 

Best up all for those of us in the Rocky Mountain area, the eclipse will occur at a good time for watching (see below).  For more information, please see the table below for viewing times and the links for more information.

Update, 2/20/08 @ 10:30am – Unfortunately it appears cloud cover in the Denver metro area may inhibit the ability to see the eclipse.  It is worth trying to get a glimpse though.

NASA Website About Tonight’s Eclipse

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Total Lunar Eclipse of February 20, 2008
North America Other
Partial Eclipse Begins: 08:43 pm 07:43 pm 06:43 pm 05:43 pm 04:43 pm 01:43 am*
Total Eclipse Begins: 10:01 pm 09:01 pm 08:01 pm 07:01 pm 06:01 pm 03:01 am*
Mid-Eclipse: 10:26 pm 09:26 pm 08:26 pm 07:26 pm 06:26 pm 03:26 am*
Total Eclipse Ends: 10:51 pm 09:51 pm 08:51 pm 07:51 pm 06:51 pm 03:51 am*
Partial Eclipse Ends: 12:09 am* 11:09 pm 10:09 pm 09:09 pm 08:09 pm 05:09 am*

* Event occurs on morning of February 21, 2008