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UpdatedSun, 13-Jun-2021 1:40pm MDT 


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Cold front to usher in chilly temperatures, blustery winds on Thursday

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 4:56am MDT

With the arrival of a cold front this morning, we see a notable change in Thornton’s weather. This will be a precursor to a more significant event Sunday and Monday.

For today, mostly sunny skies start us off then we see a few more clouds later this morning and into the afternoon. Winds will be breezy initially getting more blustery by late morning through the evening. High temperatures today look to top out only in the mid-40s.

Tonight, cloudy skies will be above with overnight lows plunging to around 20 degrees. We may see some freezing drizzle, perhaps a few flakes of snow in the overnight hours.

Looking ahead, Friday will be calmer but be colder than today. That will be followed by a quick rebound Saturday before another, stronger front arrives. Highs on Sunday and Monday will be remaining well below the freezing level and offer a decent chance for snow. More in our extended weather forecast here.


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