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ThorntonWeather.com experiences record-setting year in 2012

Friday, January 4th, 2013 8:49am MDT
ThorntonWeather.com's 2012 website statistics.  Traffic to our site grew by more than 20% as we served up over 2,000,000 pages.

ThorntonWeather.com's 2012 website statistics. Traffic to our site grew by more than 20% as we served up over 2,000,000 pages.

We knew people across northern Colorado loved us but now we know just how much!  ThorntonWeather.com experienced record-setting traffic in 2012 with over 2 million pages served.

As arguably the most popular, independent weather source in the Denver area, ThorntonWeather.com has seen tremendous growth since it was first started in October 2006.  Back then the site looked much different and didn’t have near as much information as it does now.

Since our founding we have strived to provide the most accurate, timely weather information for Thornton and its surrounding communities.  ThorntonWeather.com has become the go to source for residents and even local governments and organizations.

The sheer breadth of information on our website surpasses any local broadcast or print media outlet – period.  And while we may not be as flashy as some of the bigger sites on the Internet, we will put up the quality of our weather and climate information against any of them.

In 2012 we didn’t stand still adding more than a dozen new pages and many more features and enhancements.  We continue to field emails with weather related questions continually and pride ourselves on personal replies to each and every one of them.

You, our visitors and our neighbors, paid us back with a banner year.  Nearly one quarter of a million unique visitors came to our site as we served up over 2 million individual pages.  This was about a 20 percent increase over 2011.

What’s ahead for 2013?  You can be certain we won’t be standing still.

We continue to raise funds for high-definition webcams to help give you a better look at what is going on outside.  Remember, we make no money off of ThorntonWeather.com as it is simply run by a resident that is passionate about the weather.  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.  Click here to learn more about how to help.

Additionally, while we are in the depths of winter right now, severe weather season will be here before you know it and we have a number of enhancements in mind to help you monitor the changing conditions and keep you and your family safe.

We truly are humbled and appreciate that so many of you have make ThorntonWeather.com your source for weather.  Thank you very much and we wish each of you a very prosperous and happy new year!

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2 Responses to “ThorntonWeather.com experiences record-setting year in 2012”

  1. David Says:

    Contratulations on the record setting activity. Thanks for all that you do, and the great site!

  2. Thornton Weather Says:

    Thanks, David! It is hard to believe it has been more than six years now since the site first started. Definitely a labor of live. 😉

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