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Thornton’s September 2011 weather preview: Fall begins

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 6:09pm MDT

Thornton's September 2011 weather previewAs temperatures start to drop, September reminds us that summer is at an end and fall is now here. Sunshine is predominant though as the month actually has the highest percentage of sun out of any month. Sunny days and clear, cool nights are the standard weather pattern for the month.

Normal highs on the first of the month are 82 degrees with a low of 53. By the end of the month we see those high temperatures drop to an average of 73 and the lows get to a chilly 42. Overall the month averages 63.4 degrees.

Generally we can see just about any weather condition from thunderstorms to temperatures into the 90s to  snow.  Learn more in our complete September 2011 weather preview here.


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