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Thornton’s other local weather station

Monday, June 27th, 2011 5:47pm MDT
The 156th Avenue Weather Station

The 156th Avenue Weather Station provides local weather conditions. Click the image for a larger view.

ThorntonWeather.com is billed as Thornton’s only truly local source for weather news, forecasts and information.  One resident however pointed out a neighboring weather station that while more primitive, provides an alternative look at the weather.

The 156th Avenue Weather Station is located just off of 156th Ave and Colorado Boulevard in unincorporated Adams County surrounded by the City of Thornton.  The station is provided by “Mr. Schafer” according to the accompanying sign.

Analog instruments for the time, wind and temperature provide the basics while a hanging rock gives more detailed weather conditions.  Residents can easily determine the current weather by glancing at the rock.

  • If the Rock is Wet…….Raining
  • If the Rock is Warm……Sunny
  • If the Rock is Cold……Overcast
  • If the Rock is White…..Snowing
  • If the Rock is Swinging…..Windy
  • If the Rock is Bouncing…..Earthquake
  • If the Rock is Gone…….Weather Station Closed

We’re glad to see the 156th Avenue Weather Station join the local weather scene.  Next time you want to know the current weather, you have an alternative to ThorntonWeather.com. 😉

Hat tip to Thornton resident Dana West for letting us know about the 156th Avenue weather station!

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