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UpdatedSun, 31-May-2020 5:00am MDT 


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Thornton’s 2019 / 2020 snow season comes in as second snowiest of past 13 years

Monday, May 18th, 2020 7:31am MDT
Thornton, Colorado's 2019 / 2020 snow season report and totals. Click for larger view. (ThorntonWeather.com)

Thornton, Colorado’s 2019 / 2020 snow season report and totals. Click for larger view. (ThorntonWeather.com)

As it appears we are done with the white stuff for the season, we can now report a finally tally for snow.

Thornton’s season recorded 84.3 inches, the second most since Thornton Weather came online in 2006. Only the 2015 / 2016 season had more (85.7 inches).

The total is most notable because we never did receive a truly big storm, just a number of respectable ones. The totals were helped by big months in October, November and February which overcame a very dry December and January.

Officially, as measured at Denver International Airport, only 57.6 inches was recorded. This was a mere 1/2 inch more than Denver’s long term seasonal average of 57.1 inches.

Those numbers continue to reflect the problem with having the Mile High City’s official weather station located out at the airport where it is in a totally different microclimate whose conditions don’t reflect what the metro area really sees.

For comparison, the site at Stapleton closest to where Denver’s records were recorded for 57 years before the move to DIA saw 71.4 inches of snow this season.


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