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Adams County implements Level 3 fire restrictions

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 6:43pm MST

With the landscape tinder dry and conditions ripe for wildfires, Adams County has announced a burn ban in all unincorporated areas.  Effective immediately, absolutely no open burning is allowed.

According the Brighton Blade,

[Adams County Sheriff’s Sgt. Paul] Gregory said the fire ban did not apply to fires within liquid fuels or gas stoves, fireplaces inside buildings and charcoal or propane grill fires at private residences. Fires within permanent fire grates in developed campgrounds are OK. So is burning household trash within a fireproof container that won’t let flame or burning material escape from the bottom of the container. Gregory said the container has to be in the center of an area that is 10 feet in diameter “from which all flammable material has been removed.”

The ban only applies to unincorporated areas of the county so is not applicable to Thornton residents within city limits.  Click the image below for a look at the restrictions.  To date we have not seen any fire ban ordered by the City of Thornton.

Adams County Sheriff Burning Restrictions


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