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Storm Chasers premieres tomorrow night – New promo video released

Saturday, October 18th, 2008 4:26am MDT

Our favorite show, Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers, premieres its second season tomorrow, October 19th.  We of course have touted this show before and cannot say enough good things about it.  The new season chronicles the tornado hunters’ as they chase storms across the plains this past summer.  The season was record breaking in the number of tornadoes and the number of deaths and the Storm Chasers team was right in the thick of it. 

Be sure to check out the show if you can.  Here is a new trailer to help get you excited.

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2 Responses to “Storm Chasers premieres tomorrow night – New promo video released”

  1. Steve Campo Says:

    This is a great series! I am very much looking forward to tonight.

  2. John Hatch Says:

    Wow! We watched this for the first time Sunday and loved it. It is incredibly intense. Them buying pads to protect themselves from the hail was hillarious.

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