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Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel covers the recent severe weather

Saturday, June 13th, 2009 6:51am MDT
This funnel cloud was seen on Tuesday from the Thornton Civic Center (looking north).  Image courtesy Lisa Wilson, the City of Thornton.

This funnel cloud was seen on Tuesday, June 9, from the Thornton Civic Center (looking north). Image courtesy Lisa Wilson, the City of Thornton.

MetroNorth Newspapers in the Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel covered the recent bout of severe weather in the most recent edition of Thornton’s hometown newspaper. In part, the article says:

As a former producer for 9News, Todd Barnes has chased a few tornadoes in his time. On Sunday, however, the storm found him.

Barnes, communications manager for the City of Thornton, was shopping at Costco in the Larkridge development near 162nd Avenue and Interstate 25 when he witnessed the funnel cloud form. The tornado touched down at 1:17 p.m. one mile north of Broomfield, near the northwestern edge of Thornton.

“There’s nothing like watching a tornado touch down,” Barnes said Monday. “It’s incredible.”

Another funnel cloud was spotted over the city at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. It appeared only briefly, high in the sky at a nearly 90-degree angle, before disappearing, according to witnesses. A tornado did touch down outside Firestone shortly after 5 p.m., but no serious damage was reported.

Click here for the complete story on MetroNorth’s website or click here to view a PDF.

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