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October 2016 top shots: Monthly photo slideshow

Monday, October 31st, 2016 6:10pm MST
A stunning sunset starts off October 2016 in fine form. (Mary Lindow)

A stunning sunset starts off October 2016 in fine form. (Mary Lindow)

October in Thornton can bring a wide variety of weather conditions, perfect for the photographer in all of us.

The month brings the changing of the colors at Colorado’s lower elevations and it is also is typically when we see our first freeze and first snow.

Couple those facts with our usual widely varying landscapes and wildlife and we have a month that is sure to bring in plenty of photo opportunities.

  • Slideshow updated October 31, 2016
  • To learn more about how to send your photo to us for inclusion in the slideshow, see below the slideshow.

Showcasing images captured by ThorntonWeather.com readers as well as some of our own, our monthly slideshow covers the entire gamut of weather-related imagery.

Sunsets, sunrises, wildlife and of course every type of weather condition are vividly depicted in images captured from yours and our cameras.

What is missing in the slideshow above?  Your photo!

Our monthly photo slideshow is going to feature images that we have taken but more importantly images that you have captured.  The photos can be of anything even remotely weather-related.

Landscapes, current conditions, wildlife, pets, kids.  Whimsical, newsy, artsy.  Taken at the zoo, some other area attraction, a local park, a national park or your backyard.  You name it, we want to see and share it!

Images can be taken in Thornton, Denver or anywhere across the extraordinary Centennial State.  We’ll even take some from out of state if we can tie it to Colorado somehow.

We’ll keep the criteria very open to interpretation with just about any image eligible to be shown in our slideshows.

What do you win for having your image in our slideshow?  We are just a ‘mom and pop’ outfit and make no money from our site so we really don’t have the means to provide prizes.  However you will have our undying gratitude and the satisfaction that your images are shared on the most popular website in Thornton.

To share you images with us and get them included in the slideshow just email them to us or share them with ThorntonWeather.com on any of the various social media outlets.  Links are provided below.

So come on, get those camera’s rolling!

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Denver ties record high temperature for Halloween

Monday, October 31st, 2016 5:08pm MST

Record High TemperaturesThe month of October is ending the same way it has been the majority of the month with above normal temperature readings.  Denver has in fact tied the record high temperature for Halloween making it the fourth record high temperature set this month.

At 12:24pm the National Weather Service reported 79 degrees at Denver International Airport. This typed the record high for October 31 last set in 1950.

Here in Thornton we were just a couple degrees warmer with a high of 81 degrees at 3:12pm.

Today’s record-tying reading follows three record high temperatures set earlier this month on October 15th, the 27th and the 28th.

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Halloween brings very mild temps, a bit of wind

Monday, October 31st, 2016 5:05am MST

Looking for a chance in the mild, dry weather? It isn’t going to happen today with the only difference between today and recent weeks is a bit of wind thrown in.

We will start out the day with mostly sunny skies and similar sky conditions can be expected throughout. Winds will be calm initially then pick up speed by mid-morning. Look for it to be pretty breezy with gusts to 25 mph or so this afternoon. In terms of temperatures, it will once again be quite warm as we head for a high in the mid-70s, well above the average for the date of 59 degrees.

The winds will die down toward this evening and trick-or-treat time should be quite pleasant.

Note: The wind in the graphic below is not correct.  It should read “NW 12, G 26.”

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No October snow in Denver? Not unusual at all

Saturday, October 29th, 2016 4:25am MST
The lack of measurable snow this October is not all that unusual. Click for larger view.

The lack of measurable snow this October is not all that unusual. Click for larger view.

October will end with Denver not having seen any snow accumulation at all during the month.  While that, coupled with the overall lack of precipitation is concerning, not having snow is not at all unusual.

On average, the Mile High City receives 4.2 inches during October.

However, since record-keeping began in 1882, the month failed to yield any snow at all in 19 years since.  Further, in another 17 of those years we only received a trace.

This means that in 27% of the past 134 years, we saw essentially no accumulating snow in October.  So, the fact we won’t have received any this month is not uncommon.

The average date for our first snowfall is October 18th so we aren’t running all that far behind.  The earliest seasonal snowfall came on September 3, 1961 and the latest on November 21, 1934.

We have been exceedingly dry, really since the first part of June.

In October, Denver has recorded a mere 0.26 inches of precipitation while here in Thornton we have fared better with 0.43 inches.  On average we expect to see 0.97 inches so both locations are well below normal.

Perhaps more notable than the lack of moisture is the temperatures which have been unseasonably warm.

As of right now, the average temperature for the month is at 57.2 degrees in Denver, 55.1 degrees in Thornton.  This is running far above the historical October average temperature of 50.9 degrees.

Depending on temperatures between now and the end of the month, it is looking likely that October 2016 will finish somewhere in the top five or six warmest Octobers on record.

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Back to back: Denver sets a record high temperature for second day in a row

Friday, October 28th, 2016 4:21pm MST

Record High TemperaturesFollowing on yesterday’s record-setting performance, the mercury once again rose to levels never before seen on this date.

At 12:53pm the station at Denver International Airport reported 82 degrees.  This easily bested the previous record for October 28 of 80 degrees last set in 1994.

Here in Thornton we were actually a bit warmer reaching 83 degrees at 3:34pm.

This is the third record high temperature recorded this month.  The first came on October 15 and the second just yesterday.

At this time it is certain that October 2016 will go into the record books as one of the 10 warmest Octobers in Denver history.  Where it ends up on the list is yet to be determined but it is likely to be around the fourth or fifth warmest.

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Thornton’s weekend to see continued warm, dry weather conditions

Friday, October 28th, 2016 4:59am MST

The waning days of October are set to bring more of the same unseasonably warm and dry weather we have seen for the past few weeks. Friday once again has the potential to see record highs before we cool down just a bit Saturday and Sunday.

For today we will have a good bit of cloud cover due to upper level moisture coming from the southwest. That however will not translate into precipitation and we will be dry. Temperatures today will be greatly dependent on the cloud cover’s influence. We may top out at or just a bit above 80 degrees but if the clouds provide enough coverage, we may stay in the 70s. The record high for today’s date is 80 degrees, last set in 1994.

Saturday is going to see a bit more sun and slightly cooler temperatures. Look for mostly sunny skies above as we head for a high in the mid-70s.

We’ll close out the weekend on Sunday with a day much like Saturday. Calm, dry and mild conditions will continue.

Have a great weekend!

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Denver sets new record high temperature for October 27

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 5:39pm MST

Record setting high temperatures in Thornton.For the second time this month, the Mile High City broke a record high temperature.  The new mark beats a reading that had stood for 50 years.

At 3:23pm today the mercury at Denver International Airport topped out at 83 degrees.  This easily bests the previous record for this date of 80 degrees last hit in 1966.

Here in Thornton we were just a notch cooler with a high of 82 degrees.

This is the second time this month Denver set a record high. The first came on October 15 with a reading of 85 degrees that beat the previous mark of 83 degrees.

We may not be done setting records either.  The record high for tomorrow is 80 degrees as well, set in 1994 and years prior.  Right now the forecast calls for us to reach that same temperature although cloud cover may prevent that from happening.

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WikiLeaks email details bullying, silencing of CU professor on climate change

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 8:49am MST
Climate change alarmists have taken to bullying to silence opposing voices. (Flickr / Soumyadeep Paul, Creative Commons)

Climate change alarmists have taken to bullying to silence opposing voices. (Flickr / Soumyadeep Paul, Creative Commons)

The latest batch of emails released by WikiLeaks from John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, contain a local connection.  A message received by Podesta details how climate change alarmists launched a concerted effort to keep a University of Colorado professor from publishing his views on manmade climate change.

Holding degrees in mathematics, public policy and political science, Roger Pielke, Jr. is a well-respected professor at CU.  Using statistical analysis, he has authored many papers and books debunking some of the more outrageous claims purveyors of the manmade climate change theory use to scare the populace.

Pielke apparently was seen as a threat to alarmists after publishing a story to fivethirtyeight.com in March 2014 disputing the claim that disasters are becoming more expensive due to climate change.

The professor used imperial data to determine, “When you read that the cost of disasters is increasing, it’s tempting to think that it must be because more storms are happening. They’re not. All the apocalyptic “climate porn” in your Facebook feed is solely a function of perception. In reality, the numbers reflect more damage from catastrophes because the world is getting wealthier. We’re seeing ever-larger losses simply because we have more to lose — when an earthquake or flood occurs, more stuff gets damaged.”

This did not fit the narrative of those that believe manmade climate change is the greatest threat to the Earth of the century.

Judd Legum, editor of ThinkProgress, sent an email to Podesta as well as billionaire Tom Steyer detailing Legum’s organization’s efforts to silence Pielke.  He brags that ThinkProgress was successful in ensuring, “Pielke never wrote another piece on climate change for 538.”

Steyer is a name that should be familiar with Coloradans.  The San Francisco-based billionaire and environmental activist has spent millions of dollars in Colorado elections, trying to influence their outcomes.

The Earth (NASA)Ironically, Pielke has been a voice of reason and moderation in the sometimes-raucous debate about manmade climate change.  He actually favors a carbon tax and has advocated for removing any incentives for fossil fuels and replacing them with a push for renewable energy sources.

Pielke told the Boulder Daily Camera, “They were ultimately successful in removing an academic from working on a topic,” as he has moved on to other areas of study.  There’s, “nothing like a political witch hunt to help you focus on career priorities,” he said.

“It spells out in black and white … that there was an organized, politically motivated campaign to damage my career and reputation, based on a perception that my academic research was thought to be inconvenient.”

The fact that a member of academia could be silenced is troubling but it also fits the new way that climate change alarmists have chosen to battle those that disagree with them: Don’t debate the topic on its merits, instead simply shut down the opposition.

On the net:

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Thursday to bring lots of sun, potentially record-setting temperatures

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 5:03am MST

Writing the weather forecasts this month has been quite repetitive with minor differences day to day. That trend continues today as we will see dry, calm conditions and temperatures pushing toward the record high.

We start out with sunny skies and other than a few clouds late today, the sun will shine unabated. Winds will be calm, conditions dry. Look for highs today to top out around 81 degrees. The record for today’s date is 80 degrees last set in 1966 so it will be in jeopardy of falling.

Keep an eye on the rising mercury here.

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Lots of sun and very mild temperatures for Wednesday

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 5:08am MST

High pressure has re-built over the region and that is going to continue to be the driving factor in our weather not only today but through the end of the week. Dry conditions and unseasonably warm temperatures will be the end result.

We start out the day with clear skies and you can look forward to a healthy dose of sun above throughout. Conditions will be calm and dry as we head for a high temperature in the mid-70s. Average for the date is 61 degrees.

Looking ahead, we will return to pushing the 80 degree mark tomorrow and Friday then cool slightly to the mid-70s for the rest of the weekend.

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